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General data

Chromic acid is used in the process of chrome plating and the preparation of wood preservatives.

Uses and product grades

Chromium plating is the most visible of the applications using chromic acid as an ingredient. A wide range of metals and plastics are electro-plated to produce a durable, tarnish resistant and high lustre finish. Uses include domestic appliances, plumbing fixtures, automobile accessories and hospital equipment where hygienic, wipe clean surfaces are essential.

Hard chrome plating is applied in much thicker layers for heavy industrial applications. It increases wear and corrosion resistance whilst creating a lower friction coefficient. Common uses include metal working machinery, engine cylinders, cutting tools and hydraulic rams.

Chromic acid is also used as an ingredient in formulating CCA wood preservatives. Here it acts as a fixative, binding vital biocides to the wood, which gives protection against insect and fungal attack. Common applications include bridges, wooden foundations, marine piles and fencing.

Key Industries Served