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Our story begins way back in 1941, when the Company was established by an intrepid pioneer, the late Seth Narsee Monjee. His vision brought to life an enterprise proving of invaluable services to so many diverse industries. Golden Chemicals Private Ltd. holds a proud record of integrity and consistency in business practices.

In a journey of over 6 decades, Golden Chemicals has proven its competence and become a brand name by itself. With clients all over the country and abroad, from varied industries, we have complete confidence of the users. For us quality is a creed. Our reputation is built as much on the quality of our products as on integrity in our dealings with customers and suppliers.

Indispensable to numerous industries – Chemicals supplied by Golden Chemical have become essential in a wide variety of end products… in the manufacture of clothing, furniture, footwear, even vehicles and many other articles of daily utility. 

Golden Chemical’s products have become a part and parcel of textile mills, leather industries, Chromium plating industries, dye and dye stuff industries, glass industries and even wood preservatives. They are also the starting point in the manufacture of many other chemicals.

INDIA : Market & Opportunities

The chemical industry is critical for the economic development of any country, providing products and enabling technical solutions in virtually all sectors of the economy.

Global chemical production growth slowed down from 4.4 % p.a. in 1999-2004 to 3.6 % p.a. in 2004-2009, with global chemical sales in FY10 valued at $3.4 trillion. The industry is increasingly moving eastwards in line with the shift of its key consumer industries (e.g. automotive, electronics, etc.) to leverage greater manufacturing competitiveness of emerging Asian economies and to serve the increasing local demand.  This has led to share of Asia in the global chemical industry increasing from 31% in 1999 to 45% in 2009.

With Asia’s growing contribution to the global chemical industry, India emerges as one of the focus destinations for chemical companies worldwide. With the current size of approximately $108 billion, the Indian chemical industry accounts for 3% of the global chemical industry.

Two distinct scenarios for the future emerge, based on how effectively the industry leverages its strengths and manages challenges. In the base case scenario, with current initiatives of government and industry, the Indian chemical industry to grow at 11% p.a. to reach size of $224 billion by 2017.

However, the industry to aspire to grow much more and its growth potential is limited only by its aspirations. In such an optimistic scenario, high end-use demand based on increasing per capita consumption, improved export competitiveness and resultant growth impact for each sub-sector of the chemical industry could lead to an overall growth of over 15% p.a. and a size of $290 billion by 2017 (6% of the global industry).